Our Services

At Afropologie we make sure we stock the latest and most relevant natural hair styling products on the market. We source our products in SA and the United States in order to provide a choice of products.

Our services are offered at competitive prices, using products made to promote well-nourished, manageable, gorgeous, and healthy natural hair.

We specialize in:


To keep your hair healthy and we can suggest hair care regimens that would allow your hair to grow long, strong and healthy, as well, we can work with you to understand your hair care regimens to assess whether it is the most suitable for your hair type.

As part of our course of treatments we utilize a number of products which tackle a number of hair and scalp conditions e.g. jojoba oil which nourishes the follicles, hydrates hair making hair strands stronger and healthier; castor oil to promote hair growth, strengthening hair, prevents hair breakage and reverse hair damage whilst conditioning and moisturising your hair.; coconut oil for stronger hair, for protein, prevents dandruff, moisturises and adds shine to your hair and olive oil to tackle dandruff, boost shine, soften and curb split ends.


When done properly it is amazing the creativity that can be explored with some truly awesome hair designs. From cornrows to single braids, the options are numerous. Braids make for an excellent protective style choice. Some braiding options are as follows: Regular Braids; Box Braids; Crochet Braids; Marley Braids.

Other options:

Cornrows & Bantu Knots:

Both are signature African hairstyles that protect the hair from harsh weather and breakage. Cornrows are braided very close to the scalp and are a perfect style for winter weather as well as a protective style under your wig cap.

Bantu knots allow you to style your hair in delicately coiled buns, which are transitional when you take them out leaving natural hair with a unique curl pattern for your natural hair.


If you’re beginning your locs journey, or deciding to change up with color or a trim, need extension locs, we will guide you with expertise in grooming and ideal styling options for your locs.

If however you are not ready to commit yourself to a locs journey just yet we also offer faux locs as well as crochet locs.

Faux Locs

Faux locs are a simple but time-consuming way to add length and colour to your hair. The style allows wearers to have the look of traditional locs without committing to the long journey process.


On offer are a variety of twists styles that can be done with or without extensions. Twists with extensions can be worn with both synthetic and human hair fibers with a variety of textures that include range from kinky to curly.

Twist styles without extensions can be created with your hair blown dry, (should you prefer) which will make your twists appear longer and straight. Or you can have your hair twisted while wet (our preferred method), which will make your twists appear shorter but thicker and fuller.

Some twist options are as follows: Afro Kinky Twists, Havana Twist; Senegalese Twist; Flat Twist; Two Strand Twist, Three Strand Twist, Comb Twist; and of course there is the twist out.


We listened to our clients we offer hair colouring, however with each colour treatment we advise on a deep conditioning treatment.

  • Hair and scalp assessment
  • Deep cleansing treatments
  • Deep conditioning treatments
Hair Colour

We also recommend natural dyes that do not contain ammonia, e.g. henna

  • Highlights and Color of natural hair